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Child Custody, Visitation & Child Support

Things you should know

Legal custody means having the legal responsibility of caring for a child or children. In most cases in Arkansas, one parent is awarded legal custody of the children while the other parent is awarded visitation. In situations where joint custody is awarded, the parents share all or most of the decision-making authority about the welfare of the child or children. Arkansas courts usually do not order joint custody unless both parents agree to terms. Joint custody does not mean that the child or children must spend an equal or substantial amount of time in each parent's home. A joint custody order often states that one parent is the primary caregiver and that the other parent shall enjoy specific time for custody or visitation.

A divorce judgment or court order will customarily address custody and visitation issues. As noted above, either parent or both parents can be awarded custody and visitation in some way, shape or form. If the parents are able to reach an agreement between themselves on these issues, they can avoid a long, contentious and expensive court battle. If they can't agree the court will receive evidence from both sides and make custody and visitation decisions that are in the best interests of the child or children. When making decisions as to custody or visitation the court will consider many factors including:

At this Law Firm, under the supervision of lead attorney Tammy Gattis, we zealously represent mothers, fathers, grandparents and other interested parties in custody and visitation controversies without putting children in the middle of the dispute. We are committed to providing the most effective level of service to each of our valued clients in a caring and compassionate manner. In addition to the custody and visitation issues discussed above, we also handle related issues including:

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