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  • Commitment to winning legal battles
  • Innovative legal solutions for businesses
  • Honesty and trust regarding sensitive issues

The Owings Law Firm approaches every case with the knowledge and experience necessary to get the job done. Our lawyers have honed their legal skills, each with highly developed expertise in their areas of focus. What makes us stand apart? Our persistence, our creative efforts in working with clients to accomplish their objectives, not to mention the level of care we bring to our representation of your issues - clients turn to us, for these reasons.

Our Legal Knowledge

Good legal advice is invaluable for making the right decisions - about your business, your family or your estate. If you are suffering from serious personal injury, it is vital to seek guidance from a personal injury lawyer and receive compensation. If big business has taken advantage of your rights as a consumer, we know how to deal with it.

Personal Injury
Legal help and compensation for serious injury

Family Law
Legal advice and representation sensitive to divorce and child custody

Innovative solutions for company formation

Wills, trusts and asset protection to safeguard your family and future